FMHS Clubs

Activity/ClubSponsorRoom #TimeLocation
Academic Team Dailidonis, Debra F230 Fri: 1:45-2:25  F230
Academy of Finance Louretta Muller C125   C125
Academy of Law Virigina Grace  F234    
Activity/Club John Deru F238 Once a month  
Agiculture Club Kevin Keefe E 302   E 302
Appreciation Club Donna Henderson B 201 1st Mon of month; 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm B 201
Blankets club Joan Becker Guidance Office    
BAND Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
  Concert Band Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
Wind Ensemble Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
  Jazz Band Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
  Marching Band Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
  Dance Team Mark Dahlberg/Cassie Meier Band Room    
Best Buddies Club Deborah Atkins A 101 Once a month  
Beta Club Susan McElligott C137 1st Thur of every month; 1:45 pm C137
Caloosahatchian (Yearbook) Jenna Jungferman       
Ceramics & Modern Art Club Angela Brant C 128    
Chemistry Club Cathy Tucker E309 Second Tuesday & Fourth Thursday E309
Chess Club Susan McElligott C137 Wed, 2-3 pm  
Chorus Blake Hudson Chorus Room    
Class Elections Jenna Jungferman  B222    
CMY Que Design Steven Fetterhoff   see sponsor for dates and time  
Coexist Club Andrea Burnett B218 First & Third Thursday of every month B218
College Reach Out Program (CROP) Vanessa Davis B224 Thur 2pm.  B224
Computer Science Club Sara Thompson Media Center Fridays, 1:45 - 2:30 pm  
Cooking Club Dave Trepowski E308 First Friday of every month, in little wave room
Cosmic Theorgy Society Kathy Tucker E309    
CROP-College Reach Out Program Vanessa Davis G164 Dates and Times Vary every month  
Cultural Exchange Club Constitution Amy Hooperstad/Rob Gadsen A104 3rd Tuesday of every month A104
Cupcakes for Charity Donna Henderson Café     
Debate Team John Deru F238   F238
Decca Louetta Muller C125 Semimonthly C125
Democrats of America Club Kevin Keefe E302 Meeting will be held after school  E302
DIY (Do It Yourself) Club Lynn Ebert B 215 One Wed. each month 1:45 - 2:30 pm B 215
Drama Laura Licata G 157   G 157
Drum Line Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
Environmental Coordinator Laura Rider E306    
Fantasy Fun Club Leonard Kozel F228 Meet every other Tuesday  F228
Fellowship of Christian Athletes  Emily Mileage C140 Twice monthly, Thu 1:45-2:30 pm C140
Feminist Club Erika Holzinger B 220 1st & 3rd Tue, 2:00 pm B 220 
Film Club Jeff Mayer Media Center    
Finance/Investment Club Leonard Kozel F 228 2nd Thur of the month 1:45 to 2:30 pm  
Financial Literacy Club Louetta Muller C 125    
Flute Choir Mark Dahlberg Band Room Tue 2:30-3:30pm  
French Club Jan Anderson B 219 3rd Friday monthly 1:45-2:30 pm B219 
Future Educators of America Andrea Hollan C131 when announced to students  
Future Signers of America (Sign Language Club) Brittany Montano A 115 1st Thu, 2:00 pm A 115
Freshman Class Lisa Pfeiffer F 245 As needed  
FMHS Unicef Club Vanessa Davis G164    
Graduation  Sheryl Jones                              Guidance Office    
Habitat For Humanities Club Susan Postma B 208 Once a month  
Hacky Sack For Humanity Steve Geraci  F 243 1st & 3rd Mon, 1:45 pm  F 234
HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America Francesca Melione E 307 Tue, 2-3 pm E 307
Homecoming Jenna Jungferman  B222    
Homework/Scholarship Annie Spielmaker                                     A108 Mon.-Thur; 2:00 - 2:30 pm A108
Interact Lynne Ebert F 239   Cafeteria
International Cooking Club        
JAM  Isabel Diaz B222 3rd Friday; 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm B222
JROTC Jesse Bryson, Scott Robinson ROTC Bldg.    
Junior Class Colleen Tenfelde/Angela Brant A 104 Once a month  
Key Club Anne Campbell F 235 3rd Tue of the month 1:5 pm F 235
Law Club Mary Grace F238 3rd Tue fo the month 1:45 - 2:30 F238
League Of Legends Club (LoL) Mark Hufnagel G 152 Thur,   
Literature Club (LIT) Jennifer Tomlinson/Kim Jones B 210    
Literary Club Andrea Burnett  B 218 2nd & 4th Tues of every month  B 218
Math Team (depends on level) Jason Jordan/Donna Henderson B206 when announced to students  
MemoReads Stephanie Sirianni B 215   B 215
Mock Trial Virginia Sisk F238 Mon, 2pm  
Model UN Debra Dailidonis F230 Monday, 1:45-2:25pm  F 230
Mountain Bike Club Dave Trepowski E308 Last Thurs of the month, 1:45-2:30 pm E308
Mu Alpha Theta Jason Jordan B206   Cafeteria
National Art Honor Society  Beth Everhart C126    
National English Honor Society Morgan Becker Media Center Last Thurs of the month, 1:45-2:30 pm Media
National Honor Society Beth Everhart C 126 1st Tue, 2:00pm-auditorium C 126
National Science Honor Society Cathy Tucker E309 1st Tue of the month 1:45-2:15 pm Cafeteria
Newsletter Jamie Kirschner Student Affairs    
Orchestra Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
PAC Chair (Principals Advisory Committee) Mark Dahlberg  Media Center    
Pay it Forward Club  Kim Jones B212   B212
Phi Delta Y        
Philospohical Society Of FMHS Erika Holzinger B220 Every 1st and 3rd Monday 1:45-2:30 B220
Photography Club Carly Toalson C 127 every other Tuesday 1:50 - 2:45 pm C 127
Political Science Club Leonard  Kozel  F232 Thu, 2-3:00 pm  
Programming Club Kevin Keefe E302 Every Thursday after school E302
PROM Colleen Tenfelde/Angela Brant A104-C128    
Psychology Club J. D. DeReu F238 Every other Thursday 1:45 pm F 238
Recycling Club Laurie Folgate/Laura Rider E 305 Every Monday 1:45 pm E 308
Red Cross Club Gillian Johnson B 211    
Relay For Life  Stephanie Sirianni/Trish Weekley B 215   B 215
Rho Kappa (Social Studies Honor Society) Tamara Leake F231    
Sailing Club E. Millage B209 Every Sunday B 209
SAT/ACT Prep Club Campbell/Muller C-127  Wdnesday 1:45-3pm   
Save What's Left Laurie Folgate  E 305 Last Monday of the month 1:45 pm E 305
Security Investment Club Leonard Kozel F228 Thursdays, bi-weekly; 1:30 pm F228
S.I.C. Club Vanessa Davis B225   B225
School Improvement Russell Sousa      
Scholar's Club Annie Spielmaker & Vanessa Davis          A 104 2nd & 4th  Thurday of the month 1:50 pm A 104
Scuba Club Lynne Ebert F 239 Twice monthly, 1:45 pm F 239
Senior Class Chris Lymon/Sheryl Jones/Jennifer Tomlison/Kim Jones/ Stephanie Sirianni Front Office    
Senior Awards Jennifer Tomlinson/Kim Jones B 210   B 210
Senior Memories Video Jeffrey Mayer Media Center    
Sophomore Class Lisa Pfeiffer F245   F245
Soundwave Blake Hudson Chorus Room    
Spanish Club Lynne Ebert F239 meetings see sponsor  
Spanish National Honor Society Michelle Aulino  B 221 2nd Tue of the month 1:45-2:30 pm  
SPALC Representative Chris Lymon Front Office    
Step Team Gloria Amadore Café  Tue / Thur @ 2:30  
Student Government (SGA) Jenna Jungferman  Auditorium 1st Wed, 3rd Fri, 2-2:30 pm  
TALC Representative Tami Farrell A115    
TAR-Teen Age Republicans  Melvin Whitlock G155 Every other Thursday from 1:45-2:45  
TSA (Technology Student Association) Mark Drew & Jesse Bryson C129 Tuesdays 2pm - 3pm  
TRI-M - National Honor Society for Band Mark Dahlberg Band Room    
Tidal Wave (Newspaper) Courtney Butts & Jenna Jungferman      
Wave TV Jeffrey Mayer Media Center    
Wave Cave Wackos Scott Guttery Gym when announced to students  
World and Its People Andrea Burnett  B 218   B 218
YALE Club      
Yearbook Jenna Jungferman  B 207/ G151