2021-22 Updated Policies


Grade level classrooms are used for school counselor requests.


At the start of the 2021-2022 school year students will no longer use CASTLE for passes. Each teacher will be provided two hall passes which will be monitored by the teacher. Requesting a hall pass is the students’ responsibility. Students are given ten minutes per pass, time extended beyond ten
minutes constitutes as skipping and a possible discipline referral.
A student who leaves the classroom MUST:

  • Ask for teacher permission to leave the classroom
  • Complete the sign-out log before leaving the classroom
  • NOT use electronic devices (cell phones, iPods, headphones, games, etc.) at any time while out of the classroom
A student who returns to the classroom MUST:
  • Complete the sign-out log when returning to the classroom
  • Have a signed pass with the date and time if returning from the Clinic, Main Office areas, Media Center, or another teacher.


Please refer to the FOCUS discipline guidelines, along with the district code of conduct for more detailed explanations of rules, rights, and responsibilities. Discipline can be viewed in FOCUS via the Parent Portal as well as the student’s Chromebook.


All parents/guardians must register in the FOCUS Parent Portal as well as complete student directory information and student health information. These
online forms must be completed each year even if no information has changed. The following forms are required per the School District of Lee County:
Attendance Policy, Integrity Form, Bully Form, and the Code of Conduct Form.


  • Lunch locations will be limited to the cafeteria, cafeteria courtyards, and picnic areas outside the cafeteria
  • Fort Myers High School will be a part of the “Community Eligibility Program” for the upcoming 2021-2022 school year. All students will receive breakfast and lunch at no cost
  • We encourage students to participate in the free lunch program at school; be advised that lunch CANNOT be delivered to school during school hours


Lockers will be sold this year for $5 before school begins (July 19th – August 9th) and during Open House. Once school begins, students may purchase
lockers; before school, during lunch, and after school.


Dismissal will be at 1:35pm.


During instructional time, phones must be off of the student's person and placed in the teacher cell phone holder, in Chromebook sleeves or in backpacks.
This includes leaving phones away and off their person when leaving the classroom to go to the restroom, offices, media center, clinic, etc.


  • All medication needs must be documented in the clinic and be accompanied by a Doctor’s Authorization letter
  • All students visiting the clinic must notify their teacher or an adult of their need and receive a HANDWRITTEN pass to visit


  • Shorts and Leggings will be PROHIBITED for the 2021-2022 school year
  • All skirts worn should be fingertip length/bottoms should not have any skin exposed, rips or frays and should be worn at the waist with a belt, if necessary
  • Sleeveless, bare mid -drift, transparent, or any top depicting illegal substances, inappropriate pictures, messages, etc. are prohibited
  • All shirts/tops must be worn at the waist line with no skin or mid-section exposed
  • No ripped or torn pants or jeans


  • Sold in Student Affairs: before school, during lunch, and after school
  • Parking Permits can be purchased at FMHS before the first day of school from 8AM – 2PM or in Student Affairs (July 19th to August 9th)
  • Cost of parking permits is $50
  • Completed GOOGLE FORM -https://forms.gle/vmc52g7crZm1nENA8
  • Students must have valid Driver’s License
  • Students must bring a copy of: vehicle registration, insurance card, and driving form with parent signature


  • One-way hallways will remain in effect during the 2021-2022 school year. Students must follow directional arrows throughout the building
  • During class change, students will be allowed to use the restroom with a limited number of students in the restrooms
  • Masks will be voluntary


Per the School District of Lee County policy 4.16:

  • Students may not be signed-out after 1:05 PM
  • Guardians who are not listed on the student's school records as an authorized contact will not be permitted to sign the student out of school
  • Students signing out prior to 1:05 PM must be verified by the FMHS Attendance Office
  • Students who drive to school - Email requests for early sign-out must be submitted no later than 8:30 AM on the day of sign-out request
  • The email must include:
  • a legible copy of the guardian's identification (driver’s license or notification sent from parent email registered in FOCUS)
  • contact information for verification
  • Students who do not drive to school must have a parent sign them out for early release


  • Open House - August 5th, 2021- 5PM - 7PM
  • Student parking will be sold at this time
  • Gear Shop will be open to purchase PE uniforms and other Greenie gear
  • Athletic Paperwork and Eligibility will be given, received, and/or notarized at this time
  • Transportation- bus information will be available at this time
  • Draft schedules will be given at this time
  • There will be very limited schedule changes made for the 2021-2022 school year
  • Off-campus/OJT paperwork will be available at this time
  • Parent Portal and Code of Conduct electronic forms will be available at this time (all parents must register and complete electronic forms for the 2021-2022 school year)
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