Important Downloads for IB Students:

  1. Presentation_Planning_Document.pdf
  2. Written_Assignment_Coversheet - Language B (HL).pdf
  3. Written_Assignment_Coversheet - Language B (SL).pdf
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Access the FSA Portal


Click here to access the FSA Portal for information about the Florida Standards Assessments.

Student Access to Google Drive

Students now have a 30 GB educational Google Drive account. This service will allow them to store school files online that they can access anywhere they have Internet service, thus eliminating the need for flash drives and the risk of losing flash drives. Students can also access Google Docs, Sheets and Slides from their Google Drive account. Click here for details

Microsoft 365

Students also have the ability to download MS Office 365 on their PC or Mac.

Click here for details

American Legion Oratorical Contest

The American Legion Oratorical Contest exists to develop deeper knowledge and appreciation for the U.S. Constitution among high school students. The 70-year-old program presents participants with an academic speaking challenge that teaches important leadership qualities, the history of our nation’s laws, the ability to think and speak clearly, and an understanding of the duties, responsibilities, rights and privileges of American citizenship. The program has featured numerous politicians and prominent contestants over the years, including former president candidate Alan Keyes and CNN anchor Lou Dobbs.

National Finals winners receive the following:

  1. 1st Place - $18,000
  2. 2nd Place - $16,000
  3. 3rd Place - $14,000
Click here for details

American Legion Boy's State

Boys State is a comprehensive one week course in state and local government . Florida American Legion Boys State is a "leadership action program" where qualified male high school juniors take part in a practical government course. It is designed to develop a working knowledge of the structure of government and to impress upon the citizen the fact that our government is just what we make it. Along the way they will have the opportunity to learn the political process. Each level of government will be run by those delegates who are elected to serve. Instruction will be presented on the law and court system, parliamentary procedure and Florida political history.

Click Below for details:

  1. PDF
  2. Website

Congratulations to our 2014 State Swim Team!!

FMHS Choral Music Department CD is now available

FMHS Newspaper

FMHS IB t-shirts are now on sale!

Congratulations goes out to the FMHS Math Team and Donna Sowers for an outstanding job at Nationals.

National Winners:

Florida KidCare

Through Florida KidCare, the state of Florida offers health insurance for children from birth through age 18, even if one or both parents are working. It includes four different parts. When you apply for the insurance, Florida KidCare will check which part your child may qualify for based on age and family income. Click here for more information about Florida KidCare

Mission Statement

Each student can learn. Each student is capable of reaching his/her academic potential. Each student has an inherent right to receive the finest education possible for the attainment of educational goals. Therefore, it is the mission of Fort Myers High School to create and maintain an orderly, business-like environment with an equitably enforced, uniform standard discipline policy in which each student may discover his/her respective potentials and bring them to fruition. Excellence at all performance levels shall be recognized and celebrated.

FMHS SPAR and AYP Reports Available

Fort Myers High School's NCLB School Public Accountability Report (SPAR), and Annual Yearly Progress Report (AYP Report) is available for review at the Fort Myers High School front office or Click here to view the report

FMHS Lee County Health Department Cafeteria Inspection Report

Click here to view the report


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