Academy of Law

Academy Description

The Law Academy offers students a chance to explore the legal field while pursuing their regular high school coursework. In addition to the challenging classes of Law Studies and Constitutional Law honors, students are offered opportunities to further their knowledge of the law by participating in Mock Trial, Moot Court, Teen Court, and more. The students’ Academy career culminates in a prestigious internship in which they have the opportunity to put their legal knowledge and professional skills to the test in the real world.

While our primary focus is on the educational and professional development of our Academy students, we also cooperate with other programs such as Florida YMCA Youth in Government. The Academy serves the community by fostering a body of active, ethical, civic-minded citizens. We serve our community by supplying them with qualified interns and rewarding community service opportunities that allow them to use their talent and resources to influence the lives of our students for the better. We serve the parents of our Academy students by providing them with numerous opportunities to share in their child’s educational experience. The Academy serves our student body by offering them an attainable example of professional, successful students and increasing enthusiasm school-wide for academic success and professionalism. Upon completion of the Academy requirements by the end of senior year, students who participated in this program will receive a medal for their dedication and effort on Graduation Day.

Program Requirements and Opportunities

  • Requirement: Students who wish to receive a medal for this Academy must complete the courses Law Studies (.5 credit) and Constitutional Law honors (.5 credit) which is offered by FMHS and Florida Virtual School
  • Requirement: A legal internship of 85 hours OR a Dual Enrollment class in the legal field
  • Opportunity: Mock Trial
  • Opportunity: Youth in Government (meetings are held in the school auditorium every Wednesday from 5:30-6:45 PM)
  • Opportunity: Teen Court
  • Law Club (meetings are held in F238 after school on the third Tuesday of every month)
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